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Business Design Centre, Islington, N1, London
The London Art Fair, running from 21-25 January this year, plays host to 128 UK-based Modern British and contemporary galleries including a number of cutting edge 'emerging' spaces in the 'Art Projects' area. Aimed at collectors of all levels, the fair is pulling out all the stops to support collectors, delivering a wide-ranging programme including talks, tours, films and performances.
Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London
Group exhibition by artists Patrick Coyle, Ellie Ga, Laura Pawela, Holly Slingsby and Alia Syed. Image shown copyright of Alia Syed, courtesy of Talwar Gallery New York/New Delhi This exhibition is part of the Totally Thames arts, river and cultural events series that takes place throughout September along the 42 mile stretch of the Thames. Ends 12th October 2014.
The Greek Pavillion, Venice
Stefanos Tsivopoulos represents Greece this year. Their pavilion is about the current currency crisis, a part of the wider global failure of Governments to supervise properly, banks and financial services companies.His film in 3 parts and the work History Zero looks at the tectonic shift in the international distribution of wealth and power and the inequality that now exists between the rich and poor.
venice bienalle, Venice
Ai WeiweiMy favourite collateral event is Ai Weiwei for his exhibition - Disposition at the church of Sant'Antonin in Castelle, put on by the Zuecca project space in collaboration with the Lisson gallery.

It was difficult to imagine a life with 24 hour supervision of everything you do, but if want to find out, visit this exhibition. there are 6 very large rectangular cast iron box’s with a single door, each one has a hyper realist diorama of Ai Weiwei life’s in a prison cell with permanent guards observing everything you he does, the detail he go’s into is staggering whilst disturbing. The 6 cubicles represent Supper, Accusers, Cleansing, Ritual, Entropy and Doubt.

GB Pavillion, Venice
This year GB showed the work of Jeremy Deller - English magic. As with many of the works on view at the biennale, his work has a very political edge to it. Deller has subtly highlighted many of the core political issues of the past few years, such as how offshore tax havens and large corporations get around paying tax – legally.
All Places, London
Sheds are more than storage spaces for garden tools and bits of string - increasingly they are places we go to for inspiration and spending time with family and friends. So why not reflect that with decor more welcoming than a mere coating of creosote?

Londonart now offers a shed-painting service, where hand-picked artists come to your garden or allotment to decorate that den or extra room to your personal specification. How about a seascape or a cloud-scudded sky?

Londonart, London
As research reveals that 30 per cent of Brits who own a shed named it as their top inspirational place. Shed of the Year competition sponsor, Cuprinol, has commissioned celebrity shed lovers or 'sheddies' as they are affectionately known, to create their ultimate garden havens.
The Gallery Cork Street, London
ObsessionArt is the world’s leading figurative and nude online art boutique and they are celebrating their fifth anniversary with an exhibition at The Gallery, Cork Street, from 12th – 17th March.
Phoenix Brighton, Brighton

Ambient Waveforms on the one of  Brighton's busiest junctions

Bottle of Smoke Press,

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