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My favourites

Whether you are purely looking or shopping with intent, why not save your favourite art works in your own personal My favourites exhibition. The 'add to my favourites' option can be found by clicking on any art work displayed on LondonArt. This feature enables you to simply build your own collection as and when you are browsing the site.

You can decide to make your exhibition public for others to enjoy your collection or simply use your My favourites exhibition as a way of quickly seeing your favourite art works displayed together. Each time you visit the site you can add new art works or take old ones out to effectively curate your very own personal exhibition. You can even give it your own title or theme; it really is completely up to you.

To begin using this facility and to protect your My favourites exhibition please register your name and your email with as a New customer. You will then be given a user name and password which will then allow you authorised access to build and curate your own exhibition. If you are already a registered customer with us just log in your account and then you can start to browse the site and build/add to 'my favouries' gallery. Every time you would like to return to your account just press 'my account' on the left hand menu. Please note that this option is only activated when you are logged in.

For new customers to the site, we suggest you start browsing from the artist index page which can be reached via the navigation bar. The navigation bar is permanently displayed to the left of every page and gives you quick access to a variety of areas of interest.

When you find an art work that you wish to add to your My favourites exhibition, click on to it until the page displays the image and a short piece of informative text displayed to its right. You will see an option to 'add to my favourites' below. Click on this writing to add the image to you exhibition. For security purposes you will then be asked for your user name and password, which will authorise the image to your 'my favourites'.

You can then either view your exhibition live on the site or if you prefer, privately through your customer account.