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BUY ART - Porthtowan Winter Sunset
Porthtowan Winter Sunset
Porthtowan Winter Sunset
by Tony Minnion, view more artworks, artist's cv
50.4" x 41.2" (126 by 103cm.), Oil on Canvas

It is always quite extraordinary to come across an artist such as Tony Minnion, whose engaged, singleminded inquiry into an aspect of the natural world can be so keenly felt. His avid interest in his subject matter, the hidden, rarer parts of the Cornish Coast is clear to see in the sheer diversity of imagery he produces. A single cliff face or cave is worked with such intensity that one imagines him sitting there for hours, yet he works at speed, defying the tides. These quaint Cornish spots such as Sally's Bottom and Samphire Island definitely suggest a future visit and rock, sea and sky are rendered with the enquiring eye of someone who truly loves nature.

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