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The festival night
The festival night
by Paresh  Nrshinga, view more artworks, artist's cv
28.4" x 28.4" (71 by 71cm.), acrylic on canvas

The work of Paresh Nrshinga displays an intense focus on celebration, wildness and abandon such as that felt by youth. As such, the artist favours the use of a contemporary, high gloss lacquer effect finish with acrylic paint. The colour spectrum in works like "La Fiesta" is somewhat Spanish; the emphasis on black and white and earth colours; with a twisting, bacchanalian series of gestures. "Wild Times" can be seen as a development of this, with the expansion of the colour range into butterfly wing iridescence and the blurring sensation of movement such as that of wings in motion. The images successfully embody movement and joy.

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