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BUY ART - Sunsetting Behind The Shard London
Sunsetting Behind The Shard London
Sunsetting Behind The Shard London
by Patricia Clements SWA, view more artworks, artist's cv
36.4" x 60.8" (91 by 152cm.), oil and acrylic

Patrica clements’ work is undoubtedly influenced by the French Impressionist movement of the 1900’s, and takes influence from some of the great artists such as Degas, Monet, Manet and Renoir. Patricia is heavily influenced by colour and her work tends to use only the pure colours of the spectrum, in addition to white. The placing side-by-side of fragments of these pure colours has become central to her ideas, along with the simplification of light and shade in the presentation of mass rather than outline. Although we don't immediately see every detail of every petal, or buildings, her work forms a strong impression of the flowers, the light hitting the water, the shade of the nearby building. Working in oils and pastels, producing still lifes, landscapes and nudes of scenes that range from Twickenham to St.Tropez, Patricia's resulting work reflects the vibrant colours and brilliant light of the South of France.

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