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BUY ART - Summer River 2
Summer River 2
Summer River 2
by Oleg Riabchuk, view more artworks, artist's cv
20" x 40" (50 by 100cm.), Oil on stretched canvas

Oleg Riabchuk is an extremely versatile artist who can turn his hand to any number of subjects with great dexterity. He is equally comfortable with portraying architecture, nature or sentimental figurative scenes. Yet perhaps what each painting has in common is the quality of light. A warm glow seems to pervade throughout. There is always a lot going on yet somehow paradoxically, the images suggest tranquility. The rippling of a stream and early morning mists; the warmth of sun on snow or the fragility of dandelion clocks or a child's cupped hands playing hide and seek. There is a definite sensitivity in his treatment of these classic themes.

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