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BUY ART - Gold dish ring
Gold dish ring
Gold dish ring
by Alex Lavigueur, view more artworks, artist's cv
1.2" x 1.6" (3 by 4cm.), Oxidised silver, 24ct gold foil, 'kum boo' fusing
£ 240

Alex Lavigueur is a Jeweller and Fine Art Painter. The two distinct disciplines, although very different, naturally inspire each other. Alex often takes colour inspiration for her paintings, from the lustre of the metals used in her jewellery. She also takes inspiration from an eclectic range of sources…"I often look to other disciplines for inspiration and am interested in mechanics, physics, and electronics. I admire polymathic artists such as Panamarenko, Jean Tinguely, and Keith Tyson."

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Price: £ 238.81