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by Daisy Clarke, view more artworks, artist's cv
11.6" x 11.6" (29 by 29cm.), oil on canvas

Daisy Clarke is a narrative painter specialising in oil and collage on canvas. Her work draws on specific memories from her childhood and is often inspired by classic literature, such as Wuthering Heights', The Leopard and Great expectations. "As a child I would look at spine of the book on the shelf and imagine from the title what the book was about." Daisy says. One character that still remains as vibrant in her imagination today, and often appears in her paintings is Charles Dickens's famously grotesque character Miss Haversham, taken from the classic novel Great Expectations. "My characters inhabit a Childs world gone wrong, things are out of perspective. In silent landscapes strange things move in." Daisy adds. Travelling to Thailand and Mexico her work often explores her journeys through her paint collage and pictorial narrative.

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