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Bridge at Hever Castle
Bridge at Hever Castle
by Helen McKenna-Menges, view more artworks, artist's cv
18" x 24" (45 by 60cm.), Acrylic on canvas

Helen McKenna-Menges was brought up on the Solway Firth and spent much of her time on the coast in Scotland and England. The power of the lakes and seascapes of the west coast and the dramatic Scottish hills still influences her work today. "Painting became a way of gaining access to the same feelings I had there, when I couldn't be there physically… I love the outdoors and I love the challenge of painting outdoors and the race between the clouds, sun, midges and my paint drying". Helen's recent landscapes paintings focus on the landscape of Scotland, Cumbria, and Cornwall. Helen McKenna-Menges studied at the highly acclaimed Goldsmiths College, London University in 1991.

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