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Beautiful Sunshine
Beautiful Sunshine
by Paul  Wadsworth, view more artworks, artist's cv
33.6" x 33.6" (84 by 84cm.), oil on canvas

How does an artist paint pure joy? What is in certain combinations of colours and forms that makes a work speak out with a childlike wonder? The art of Paul Wadsworth does all of those things and more. Thickly applied paint gives the work a really organic feel, tempting the viewer to reach in and play with the colours. The textures and heavy brushstrokes combine to convey verve and vitality, the lines running like children across the work. As the light fades on a beach in late summer the sky comes alive with a multitude of colours, all captured by Wadsworth in these works. I find it impossible to look at these paintings and not be transported to a joyfully warm day when problems are far away. Reds, turquoises, and yellows light up the artwork like fireworks in a clear sky and leave the viewer with a lifted spirit and a happier heart. Any room would be lifted by the addition of a Paul Wadsworth for a little slice of happiness.

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