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Mike Janes

Mike Janes (UK

Mike Janes worked in the building industry for many years, and has first hand experience of the behaviour and characteristics of concrete, plaster, bitumen, render and other building materials. These inform his artistic expression when art making, many of his shapes and textures are directly inspired by the movements and skills integral to the process of construction.

In his late 40s, he obtained a BA Hons Fine Art in Context from the University of the West of England.
Drawing upon his years of experience as a manual worker, Mike works now mainly using building materials creating works both for the interior and exterior. His studio is located in a spectacular former quarry in Weston-super-Mare.

Mikeís career path has taken many twists and turns all of which very different form his now chosen profession. He began boxing from the age of 8 making it to amateur level by his teens. Encouraged by his Father he continued for many years until he swapped his gloves for a ball. He played semi - professional rugby as well as working full time as a builder.

Although Mike always practised his art he worked in solitary and without promotion for a number of years. It wasnít until his mid 40ís he gave up work, completed his BA Hons at Bristol University and decided art, his life long passion, was to take precedents. Utilizing materials taken from the building trade, such as concrete, bitumen, tarmac, render, plaster, paint, clay and stone he creates the most amazing sculptures. Through colour and texture, he explores scientific and philosophical interpretations in an abstract form.