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Steve Whipps

Hi, my name is Steve Whipps, I specialise in graphite pencil drawings, I draw all my subjects from photographs, I don't have a particular preference - cats, dogs, wildlife, children or celebrities, its just nice sometimes to have the task of looking for something to draw solved with a commission. I regard each one as a challenge and revel in the escapism it provides me and the huge buzz when the work is completed.
I've been self employed as an artist now for about 18 months and as yet have had no failures its a great feeling to hand over to happy & overwhelmed customers (sometimes tearful, a big complement when its lost loved ones).I have had no training to do this and my only qualification is a gcse many years ago, I've always drawn and painted as long as I can remember though.
Having been a Rastafarian for fourteen years,(that was 10 years ago now) I sign my work as RAS as that was how I was known to everyone and the name stuck with a lot of people.
I've managed to get myself on live TV handing over a drawing to big brother 3 winner and presenter Kate Lawler on channel 4 RISE programme in May and was also at the Big Brother house this year with a drawing of the first evictee Anoushka, but that was the only person I drew in the end as they weren't going to show it on TV...I've drawn, Ant & Dec who signed and auction it off for charity in Newcastle, and am waiting for a reply from Kylie and Jordan about prints from m