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Yoshiko Yamaguchi

After a career of eight years as a make-up artist, I had found out a way to express myself, which is founded deeply in painting. When I was a child, I saw a painting by Modigliani. The moment I saw his work, I felt an indescribable 'pull' towards it. I was only seven, but this inspiration imbedded itself within me, and has had an everlasting impact on my work and development as an artist. Making up face is like a painting on canvas, with a 3 dimensional effect,applying structure and colour with a 'brush'.I expressed the work exhibited here only using a camera instead of a ' brush'based on what had influenced me until now.Although these images look digitally manipulated, I have used traditional photographic methods in all but 2 of the photographs.

Current Exhibition in British Museum
-Inspiration For Living- from North Africa by Yoshiko Yamaguchi 3/April/2006 - 18/May/2006

Place; Clore Foyer (B1F), British Museum
Address; Great russell St. London WC1