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Nichollas Hamper

1956 Born Chatham, England

1975-79 Slade School of Art, London University

1980-82 Royal College of Art, London


1977 Monnington Prize, Slade School

1978 A.S. Friedlander Memorial Art Fund, Slade School

1979 Boise Travelling Scholarship, Slade School

1981 Prize-winner G.L.C. "Spirit of London" Competition

1982 Commendation G.L.C. "Spirit of London" Competition

1982 Unilever Prize, Royal College of Art

1984 Greater London Arts Association Award 1991 Prize-winner John Moores 17, Liverpool

1991 Finalist, Wolfson 25 Art Competition, Oxford


1984 Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney, Australia

1985 "Expanding Images", Fischer Fine Art, London

1986 "Composite Images", Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney, Australia

1990 "Rules of Engagement", Oxford Polytechnic

1990 "Fast Food Subversive", Ruskin School of Art, Oxford

1992 "The Witches Song", Accretions in magic and kitsch, Wolfson College, Oxford

1993 "Retromanticism", the Gottlieb Gallery, Oxon Touring to: Lowestoft Arts Centre. Funded by Eastern Arts Wycombe Museum. Funded by Southern Arts


1978, 79, 82 New Contemporaries, I.C.A. London

1978, 79 Stowells Trophy, Royal Academy, London

1981, 82 "Spirit of London", Festival Hall, London 1982 "Drawings", The Space Gallery, London

1983 "Enter the Garden", Touring Exhibition

1984, 85, 86, 87, 88, 91 Contemporary Art Society Market, Smiths Gallery, London

1985 Tolly Cobbold Eastern Arts Fifth National Exhibition

1985, 86 International Arts Fair, Olympia, London 1986 "Tribute" Selected Artists from R.C.A., Smiths Gallery, London

1987 "English and Australian Art", Rex Irwin, Sydney, Australia

1988 "Metropolis", The Raab Gallery, London

1989 "Two Artists", Eirlys Tynan Art Now, London

1990-93 "Three Ways", British Council/Royal College of Art Touring Exhibition to Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Africa

1991-92 John Moores 17, Liverpool Exhibition, The Walker Art Gallery

1992 "Paintings in Hospitals", London Institute Gallery

1992 "The Body as a Room", invited artists, Ruskin School of Art, Oxford


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