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Veerle Depelchin

Born in Antwerp, Belgium on august the sixth 1968.
Studied & completed fine arts in secondary school
Studied & completed secondary teacher training art education
Evening education at Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

I consider myself as a person who is fascinated by the creative process of painting oil on canvas.

For me this process should be an unconscious experience. Concrete ideas are out of the picture. It should come from the gut, from the heart, from somewhere far in my mind. Of much importance is the feeling of alienation and I believe this is reflected in my work. As a result most of my works have recurrent issues such as tension, dualism, complexity.

Considering the style of my work, I like to work very graphical. The linear aspect is of great importance in my work. I adore the variability of this aspect.

This creative process of painting oil on canvas is my ultimate freedom, or at least it gives me this illusion.

Londonart is the first publication of my work.