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Sankar & Brenda Crawford

Sankar and Brenda have been working together for over 13 years. Their workshop and gallery are based 4 km outside Mamallapuram. Sankar, a teacher, and Brenda, a social worker, have provided education and medicine to the villages around them. They have also fought and won many outstanding Social issues. Their time as educators came to its natural end when they were pleased to see their services were no longer needed. Sankar and Brenda returned to their love of art and both decided to open their workshop, creating modern sculptures in granite. Their creations reflect their different customs, their environment and their past work in India. Sankar, the main artist, Brenda, the architect, both are as one, working on the same creations, discussing, planning, drawing and executing in their direct sculpting.

Commissions are welcome for any of the pieces shown,in any size and in any stone preferred.