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Mariusz Kaldowski

Mariusz Kaldowski was born in 1962 in Chelmno, Poland. His father was the director of a leading Polish art museum and during his formative years he was exposed to many of the world's best artists and encouraged to copy their works which has resulted in him having a rich repertoire of traditional and modern techniques. From 1982 he spent five years studying at the Cracow Academy of Fine Art and he subsequently graduated with a MA in Book Design and Woodcut.From 1987 onwards he regularly had solo exhibitions as well as executing many and varied commissions such as a monumental mural in the Sierakowice church, paintings for the Museum in Chelmno, interior and exterior design for the City Culture Centre in Lobzenica and many portraits of various public figures. He initially visited the UK in 1994 on the invitation of the headmaster of Downside School for whom he executed two portraits.In 1995 he was employed in canal television "Wisla" as Head of Design as well as executing portraits of various subjects including the prince and princess Takamado, members of the Royal Family of Japan. The following year he completed work on "Velis Passis" a cycle featuring 30 famous Poles. In 1997 he painted a gigantic "Angel" commissioned for the papal visit to Poland. He currently lives and works in London where he has found new inspiration for his gift as a painter of nature and landscape.Kaldowski's work presents his artistic reflections on the human condition: its limitations, its beauty. He juxtaposes vividly - expressed faces and figures with amazingly - colourful and vibrant acrylics of gardens. In his pictures the worlds of people and of gardens intermingle tellingly.Kaldowski creates vibrant colourful pictures, which have a harmonious balance to them, and the viewer is willingly drawn into the scene. His landscapes have a marvellous liveliness and charm but also show a great attention to form. He sees nature in everything and even his portraits are painted as if the subject were a mysterious and beautiful garden.His important work includes the frieze on the "The Four Seasons - Four Stages of Life" inspired by A.Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" as a means of expounding his philosophical views on art. This is a massive 22 metres canvas frieze, the outcome of many years thinking and experience.Since 2003 – Kaldowski teaches art classes in workshops at Regent’s Park regularly.He had 77 shows:19 exhibitions in Poland between 1987–1997 58 exhibitions in UK between 1996–2003Including 44 solo exhibitions and 33 group showsSelected exhibitions in England: Barbican Centre, London St David's Hall, Cardiff The Alberti Gallery, Gallery 27, Cork St. London St Raphael Gallery, Piccadilly, London St.John's Smith Square, London The Bloxham Galleries, London Menier Gallery, London Polish Culture Institute, London "FHP Art Exhibition 2000" The Orangery, Holland Park, London (Prize Winner - For Expressing the Essential Spirit of Holland Park)