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Satoshi Matsuyama


ROMANS 1:20 "For his invisible [qualities] are clearly seen from the world's creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even His eternal power and Godship, so............"

Looking through all things in the world, the intention of the only Creator, Love is to be felt everywhere. So the existence and character of one God is to be known through His creatures.

Although humans came to be able to change the colours and the forms freely by the tool called computer, I would like to utilize this technology in conformity to the wills and the intentions of the Creator. As long as I continue to do my work in this limit as well as I appreciate thanks, respects and admirations to the Creator, God, who made an excellent Star, the Earth, I will be able to do my present job for ever, and I will be able to be allotted energy for ever.

SATOSHI "SATOBO" MATSUYAMA was born in Kamiiso-choh Hokkaido, Japan, May 17,1958.

Satoshi went to Tokyo when he was eighteen, to learn the saxophones to play Jazz music. Now he is living in Sapporo again with the gifts of a son and a daughter. Three years ago Satoshi started to create pictures on his Macintosh computer.

The Resurrections of Love, lights & our lives.

A new type of artist has appeared in the Modern Art World. As far as looking around over the various digital-art associations, as his works are made confirmation not only by his steady thoughts but also by his revolutionary technology, his position does not belong to any category.

All his works are based on nature, in which the colours and forms are embodied themselves. They are created in Love and Light of Nature which Mr. Matsuyama believes. That is, they all are of resurrection of Life.

In a series of suffering in the modern society, we can not help feeling some power from his works, which tells us to recover something at least now. He might be able to see forms of energy of Nature which has been holding since the time of Genesis.