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Fanitsa Petrou

Fanitsa Petrou is an illustrator, graphic designer, writer, calligrapher. She lives and works from Cyprus. Her work includes graphic design, illustrations (traditional / hand painted and - very rarely - electronic), calligraphy, fine art, painting on glass, editorials, cartoons, brand and product design, packaging, New Age / Angels Illustrations, etc.
A life long study of matters dealing with spirituality, and a love for the sci-fi genre, has inspired her work in Fantasy / Symbolic Art.

Highlights: Illustrating and writing 3 books about Angels: "ANGELS-A Tribute to Angels / Angelic Invocations" and
"The Seven Archangels - Calendar 2007" (in English and Greek)

Illustrating and writing a book that attempts to give a vision of the future world, titled "A metaphysical Journey into the Future", which blends sci-fi theories with metaphysics. It includes many Fantasy Art / New Age / spiritual / occult illustrations. (she is currently looking for a publisher for that)

Work in process:
-Creating a new Tarot deck consisting of 22 illustrations (Major Arcana) and writing a book on Tarot symbolism, titled “Tarot, The Journey into the Self”, which takes into account many traditions, such as Alchemy, the Jungian psychology, world Mythology, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Astrology, the Caballah, the Goddess tradition, etc.
-Creating a series of paintings inspired from world mythology (fairies, Nature spirits, mermaids)

Future projects:
-A work on the 13th century Sufi/ Persian poet Jelulladin Rumi. A book on his work / Illustrating his ecstatic love poems.
-Illustrating a book on feminine spirituality/sexuality (the goddess tradition, the feminine archetypes, mythology, woman as a symbol in the Judaic / Christian tradition, the cult of the black goddess, Lillith and Sophia/Wisdom, women in the scriptures and world religions etc.)

Aspiration: to be able to devote herself in creative projects that combine both her illustrations/ paintings and her writing.