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Jenny Brookman

I seek to produce paintings that allow the viewer a moment of silence. Although I want my paintings to be emotive, I'm not looking to depict a particular emotion or personal sentiment but to engender a pure abstract response that transcends time, dimension and form. I'd like the viewer to merge in to a 'field of vision' that frees the mind of objects, interruptions and daily cares. Similar to the experience of staring out to sea or the feeling of the warmth of the sun. I seek to represent the sensation of 'Spiritual uplift' which nature commonly elicits, rather than to represent nature itself. Each painting takes me a year to paint. Time allows me to build up the intensity of colour I desire and helps me to detach from specific personal emotions and focus on faith, hope and beauty. I aim to achieve an intensity of response so that the viewer can leave themselves behind and enjoy a simple sense joy and inner peace. I hope this experience induces a tranquil acceptance of the reality of ourselves and life as it is. Giving an awareness that fosters our self esteem, rekindles our hopes and strengthens our present resolve.


1996 Postgraduate Higher Diploma; Fine Art Painting,The Slade School of Fine Art, University college London. Distinction

1994 BA Hons, Fine Art Painting, Norwich School of Art and Design, Norwich. First class Honours