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Adrian Gatie

"Drawn to situations with raggy edges, to the downside of urban life, Adrian Gatie has photographed the streets since the early seventies, looking for 'whatever'. The legendary American photographer Robert Frank has said that Gatie's photographs 'make clear the pain and sadness of living in his part of the world'.
Not all of Gatie's work is dark, however. Much of it is rich in irony and humour and whatever it is that he looks for, his photographs often contain an almost theatrical element that prises the image from its real life setting, creating a separateness which invariably allows for communication without text or caption. His many years working in theatre photography have undoubtedly influenced his ways of seeing and of looking.
The photographs in his book In Penumbria deal in uncertainty and ambiguity and in them, through tidal sequencing, we can sense a surreal disquiet and a controlled tension, ready to move on". (Martin Davis)

In Penumbria was published in 1987. It is now out of print and has become a collectors item. The accompanying exhibition toured throughout the UK in 1987-88 and the opening paragraphs above are taken from the introduction to that exhibition. Then came exhibitions Nexus (89-90), An Adjustment of Expectations (91-93), Beach Bodies (95-96), Separated Dreams (97) and Our Town (98).
Much of Adrian Gatie's work of the '80s was done in collaboration with the Documentary Photography Archive and is in their permanent collection.

Adrian Gatie has been working for the last few years on a second book, working title Holding Together. Robert Frank has given invaluable help in sequencing and editing the images for this.