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Elizabeth Duncan Meyer

Born in London, Elizabeth Duncan Meyer is a painter and print-maker. Widely travelled, her work is influenced by themes of international culture and by the many and vivid colours she encounters on location. Her studio is in London, where she also teaches. Having studied painting at the Central School of Aft from 1960 to 1963, Elizabeth moved to Paris in 1979 to learn print-making at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and at the Goetz and Hayter studios. She then set up as a print-maker herself, exhibiting annually at the Salon d'Automne. In 1987 she returned to England where her work has been seen regularly in one man or group shows in a number of London galleries. Although relishing her development as a painter, Elizabeth is fully at ease in print-making. In this medium, her work flows with great freedom, offering warm and fulfilling insights into her experience and glimpses of her imagination. It is easy to sense the enthusiasm behind the development of each composition. Although a colourist, with a natural tendency towards abstraction and simplification, her work remains subtle and at times mystical, interwoven with images which reflect her passions, as for example the world of music from which she is able, with a rare perception, to conjure up delicate and animated drawings of musicians and their instruments. Elizabeth is currently working at sculpture and woodcarving in which her pieces complement the expressionism and abstraction of her painting.
Since her return to London, Elizabeth Duncan Meyer has exhibited at a number of London galleries and venues, including: Stephen Bartley, AnnaMei, Chachvick, Hallam, Example, Blenheim, Edith Grove, Chelsea Arts Club, Marylebone Crypt, Northcote, The Mall. In 1993 she held a successful one man show in Beijing.


1988 One-man show Stephen Bartley Gallery, London
1988 Mixed show Anna MEI Chadwick Gallery, London
1989/91 Showed in mixed shows at Hallam Gallery and Example Art Gallery
1989 Exhibiting in mixed show at the Blenheim Gallery, London
1990 Edith Grove Gallery Mixed Print Show
1990 One-man show at Chelsea Arts Club, London
1992 "China with Jules Vernes" - One-man show at Stephen Bartley Gallery
1992 "Christian Images" - Mixed show at Marylebone Crypt, London
1993 One-man show in Beijing
1994 One-man show Northcote Gallery, London
1995 Two-man show Northcote Gallery, London
1996 Art for Youth - Mall Gallery, London
1996 CSWW Art Sale at Camelot, London
1997 Two-man show, Edith Grove Gallery, London
1998 One-man show "Atrium", Cork Street, London
1999 Two-man show, Edith Grove Gallery, London