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maz jackson

British tempera painter. Work recently exhibited in Tokyo, London, Paris and New York. Invited to represent the UK at 2003 and 2005 Florence Biennale.

"I have a deep interest in traditions of practice, in colour, line, mark-making and edge. Imagery springs from anything that excites: communication, touch, tension, flight, landscape, the spaces between and things sacred.
I wish my work to have a timeless quality which the on-looker can dip into and be instilled with ever-changing thoughts, questions and smiles."

Using fifteenth century methods, imagery is worked in tempera comprised of ground mineral pigments mixed with egg yolk and distilled water. The tempera is laid down on gessoed oak panels between gilded shapes of gold leaf. Much time passes between each process. Many drawings of thoughts and ideas form stimuli for the paintings that can take two or three years to resolve.