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Lorraine Clarke

The artworks I create express a burgeoning interest in the human body, from the tremendous impact of biotechnology to the awesome complexity of the psyche.

My work is an excavation of the human being, a journey into the deepest layers of the mind and body, evoking the past as well as exploring contemporary issues, while seeking to subject the viewers to the beauty and vulnerability of their own physicality.

With the two installations (submitted) I attempt to evoke and provoke the intense feelings and instincts surrounding our desires and passions and aim to stir up reflections on the monumental power of love.

Lorraine Clarke

Education and Work Experience

1974-77 1st Class Hons. Degree in Fine Art (sculpture), Winchester School of Art and Design

1979-80 Post Graduate Diploma in Art and Psychopathology (Art Therapy), Hertfordshire College of Art, St. Albans

1980-81 Head of Art Therapy, Department of Psychiatry, North Manchester General Hospital

1982-2000 Resided in Italy

2002 - present Co-founder and Art Director of Euroart Studios and Gallery

2004 NVQ Video Production, Centre for Film & Digital Media, Oxford
Organised and curated "Medical Edge" & "A Fine Line" exhibitions, London

Awards and Residencies

"Il Centenario" '92/'93/'94 Turin; "Abaco d'Oro" '93/'94 Turin; "Premio Superga" '94 Turin; "Porto Venere Montefinale - Dante Alighieri" '94 La Spezia; "Premio Città di Roma" '97; "Premio Primavera" '97/'98 Rome; "Premio Oscar della Cultura" '98 Florence; "Premio Roma" '97/'98/'99 Rome;

Resident artist with the Florence Trust Studios, London, October 2000 to July 2001.
Resident artist, West Green Learning Centre @ Park View Academy, London, April 2003

Selected Exhibitions

1977 Heatherley Gallery, London. Solo show.
1978 South Hill Park Gallery, Bracknell, Berkshire. Solo show.
1979 Drama Studio, Sheffield University.
1980 Breton Hall, Wakefield.
1987 Gallery "La Telacia", Turin.
1992 Artemisia "Gran Premio Torino", Turin.
1993 Vecchia Scuderia, Villa Tesoriera, Turin.
1994 Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Turin.
1995 Gallery "Abaco", Turin. Solo show .
1997 National Museum of Aquila.
Gallery "Il Leone", Rome. Solo show.
"Forme e Colori V", Saturnia, Tuscany.
1998 Gallery "Centro Storico di Firenze", Florence.
"Artexpo", Javits Convention Centre, New York.
Roof Garden, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome.
Palazzo Barberini, Rome.

1999 Galley "La Vetrata", Rome.
Gallery "San Bernado alle Terme", Rome.
"Art Jonction 99", Nice.
2000 Gallery "Ca' d' Oro", Rome.
Gallery "Studio S", Rome.
The Rectory - Basilica of St. Cecilia, Rome.
Open Studios, Florence Trust Studios, London.
2001 Corporate Exhibition, Marks & Spencer Headquarters, London.
"thirteen", Florence Trust, London.
"Body Beautiful Exhibition", Visual Art Centre, North Lincolnshire.
2002 "Body Count", Century Gallery, ACAVA, London. Solo show.
"F1Rst" Open Studios, Euroart Studios, London.
2003 "F1Rst Out" Euroart Studios Show @ Westbourne Studios, London
"corpoREAL", Windsor Arts Centre. Solo show
2004 The Foundry, London
"Love and Sex", Studio 28, London
"Six Thousand Chairs", Crystal Palace Park, London
2006 Art and Design Gallery, UH Galleries, Hatfield. Solo show.


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1998 Palazzo Barberini, Roma - "Collusioni e Collisioni nell' Arte Contemporanea":
"Poltronissima Arte", TELEVITA, Rome.

Works presented "Lungo-Metraggio", TELEVITA, Roma.

1999 United Nations FAO/ART Television Auction, Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, Cairo