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Love is infinitely complicated – not always easy to understand even though you can easily feel it. I try to capture this in my paintings. They are all an attempt to project these complex and often irrational emotions to the canvas where you can view them from a distance.

Vindril - Curriculum Vitae

Kasper Svenstrup Hansen was born in 1986 in the town of Grenaa, Denmark. He has always been an enthusiastic draughtsman using many techniques such as graphite, charcoal, pastels and pen. In 2001 Kasper started experimenting with paintings and it was in connection with this the pseudonym Vindril came up – a name he has used ever since. There has been a great deal of interest in the artwork of Vindril, one project being creating decorations for the concert hall of the Grenaa Amateur Musician’s Association. In September 2004 Vindril moved to Docklands, London to explore new possibilities and since then his art has developed dynamically inspired by the city environment.

Vindril comments his art with these words:
”I aim at describing certain feelings and emotions in my pictures and make the viewer feel these. The choice of colours are central to my pictures, but playing around with symbols are also of prime importance. To me, painting a picture is like writing a poem in colours. One should be able spontaneously to experience the impression of them, but they should also be a kind of challenging poetry – not necessarily to be interpreted, but rather to provoke feelings within you.”

Teachings by sculptor and artist Bente Wulff, 2001-2004
Life drawing classes at the Grenaa Cultural Building, 2004.

Grenaa College, Denmark, April 2004.
Grenaa Amateur Musician’s Association, Denmark, July 2004.
Kombi Cultural Building, Denmark, August 2004.

Grenaa Cultural Enterprise Support Fund, 2004
Grenaa Amateur Musician’s Association’s Decorations Fund, 2004

“Artwork by Vindril” – poster, August 2004.