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John Carmichael

In his art photography, John Carmichael seeks to show the many facets of the beauty and sensuality of the unadorned female form, using a wide variety of different approaches, sometimes classical or romantic, sometimes graphical or abstract - and even sometimes with humour! He finds the female form such a wonderfully versatile subject because, as artists over the millennia have demonstrated, although simple and essentially the same, it can be treated in so many different ways that he never runs out of ideas. He works with "ordinary people" as subjects, and not models. Although many of his nudes are photographed in black and white, some have been transformed into striking and original colour images. His images have been published in professional photography magazines and art books.

John set up his photography business some 13 years ago after a career in industry. This had included commissioning and directing photographers for producing "glossy" publications. He now undertakes a variety of photographic commissions, but is mainly concerned with "people photography". Although many of his clients keep their clothes on, an ever increasing number don't!

He has exhibited at:
The Gallery Beckenham
Luscious Conceptions Gallery, Windsor
Gallery Kaleidoscope, London NW6
OXO Tower Wharf, South Bank, London SE1
Battersea Contemporary Art Fair
Landmark Arts Centre
Classic Prints, Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3
The Chelsea Art Gallery, Sloane Square, London SW3