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Alun Heslop

What is a chair? Merely an object to sit within?

The origin of a chair was always one of status. At first, a stool with a back for the respected & governing members of the community. We of course still carry this idea today – with the title of ‘chairperson’.

chaircreative is principally the creative output of designer/maker Alun Heslop, specialising in producing custom made seating.
“In many ways I aim to put the status & magnificence back into the wooden chair. A centrepiece of distinction, even a throne perhaps. There are however, three main factors, which make a good seat. Not only should it be ergonomically proficient, it must perform the task of holding the sitter comfortably at the desired location. A chair should be visually stunning to behold, it is part of our life’s furniture & fittings. A good chair must also endure the test of time, an innovative work of wonder, connecting lifelines through generations.”

By its very nature chaircreative seeks to produce outstanding and unique chairs and seating whilst minimising the environmental impact of doing so. A grounding philosophy at chaircreative is working with the wood not against it, with sustainability in mind as a natural part of the process, such as using and understanding the material properties of locally sourced native hardwoods.