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Nicky Bray

My inspiration derives from the human form. I want to explore the complicated relationship between human beings and our obsession with the body; Its seductive curves and creases, the textures and imperfections.

Our skin contains an intricate map of our lives, it tells a story of who we are. It is for this reason that I use moulds of real people.
I try to project our external selves, to capture the details and encapsulating them. I use light to project the warmth of the skin and the comfort of a loving relationship. To highlight our similarities and our differences.

Just as the body and our relationships are intricate and can be quite difficult at times, needing patience and understanding. My work relies on the meticulous casting process of the body parts, much decision making to get it right and understanding of the techniques!

I'd like for my work to cross the boundaries between art and design. To be available to everyone, and to be something that everyone can understand and appreciate in their own ways.

By using the body and high quality materials it is possible to produce incredibly sensual pieces that draw you in, I want my work to seduce, intrigue and excite people.

I have produced this set of the male form and am at present developing the female form. It is an ongoing exploration for me and I am constantly investigating the body and our relationships to better my knowledge and create even more exciting pieces.

It is possible for any of the pieces you see to be reproduced, however each piece is totally unique. I would also be very interested to hear of any commissions to create an entirely individual piece.