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Ai Qiu Hopen

Sculptor, Ai Qiu Hopen

Competitively awarded commissions inside USA and China
2005 Song of Life bronze , life size
2005 Flute bronze ,life size

2005 two commissioned works Installed Contemporary Spring Villa, Shanghai, China

2004 Children and Peace Dove bronze, life size
( commission ) Main Entrance. International Peace Hospital , Shanghai, China

2003 John William “Blind” Boone Seated bronze figure 1.25x lifesize
( commission) Blind Boone Memorial Park, Warrensburg, Mo
(competition awarded commission, 75,000. USD)

2000 “Three Harts”, Bronze, co-sculpted with Bill Hopen,
International commission 100,000.USD,in St Lawrence River,Thousand Islands, NY/Canada

2000 Bat in Sunshine , 12 feet tall Stainless-steel , fountain, light/water
Down town Shanghai Real Estate plaza, China

1999 History of Ancient Cultures, Ceramic, relief sculpture mural, 6ft x 32 ft
Pudong Market Mall, Shanghai China

1996-1999 Shanghai University, under a National Fine Arts Scholarship, (Graduate)

1994-1994 Zhejian Art Institute, Hanzhou

Artist statement

Art is a crystal medium where our souls communicate.
art reaches the deepest, widest, most infinite dimensions
and uplifts the soul from within

art is a crystalization of thoughts, reflecting our souls as in a which we see more clearly , we awake and ascend

Resonance awakens our wings, we fly towards light... strength.......freedom.......

Aiqiu Hopen, 3/31/05

Think through
all the morning
and all the night
as a chrysalis
draws the silk of shining light

and fly as butterfly

Aiqiu Hopen, 6/26/03

published "Images of America" Warrensburg Missouri, Lisa Irle, Arcadia 2002
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