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Robert Anthony

Robert Anthony's work naturally falls into four distinct categories:

Portrait and wedding
Commercial business
Private - street photography

In this Exhibition of works Robert displays his private, less commercial, street photography collection.

Robert Anthony

I have a small informal studio in Munich where I live and where I shoot all of my indoor portraits. The other photographs are taken on location in or around Munich. I love taking pictures of people and am always available for portrait sessions.

Wedding Photography

My wedding work varies enormously as I tend to do quite a bit of travelling. In addition to weddings here in Munich and southern Germany, I have recently covered weddings in Brighton and Moscow and more in Wroclaw, Poland are planned.

Commercial Businesses

The commercial side of my work covers one-off interior shots, site panoramic's, business portraits and brochures from concept and photography to design and layout. Customers vary from doctors practices to blue chip companies.

Stock - Image Libraries

When the opportunity arises; I take pictures all over the world of some fantastic places. From St. Tropez, Monaco, Venice to Paris, London and Moscow. I am always looking to produce images for my stock library.

Private - Street Photography

Street photography is my hobby and my love. I try to capture a single instance, touch or movement which makes a person unique. I often wait for hours in one place, much to the annoyance of my wife, just waiting for the "right" moment.