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Albert Lentacker

The artist passed away in 2010. More info from his website: www dot lentacker dot webs dot com

Albert Lentacker specialised in oil portraits on commission.

"An artist must not only capture a likeness, but also a sense
of presence, character and time."

"To paint people is to create a definite presence on a canvas.
The stronger the presence, the more successful the portrait."

Great craftsmanship has always been considered essential to great painting. Albert Lentacker had been trained in traditional drawing techniques since the fifties.
Charcoal, pencil, watercolour and oil portraits as well as sculptures.

Except for small children, the artist does not work from photographs. The artist likes to have a preliminary meeting with the sitter before the first sitting to discuss the format and layout of the canvas and to get to know the sitter. Establishing a relationship with the sitter can be the most vital part of painting or sculpting a portrait. For oil portraits, a number of sittings will be required and due to the wet in wet technique these sittings have to be over several consecutive days. Sculptures are all carried out from life and sittings are usually spread out over a few days or weeks. Due to his age Albert Lentacker does no longer travel on assignment. All works are made in his studio.

Please note that the commission does not come framed, this is left to the discretion of the client, however Albert Lentacker is happy to offer advice on the matter.

Birth Date 7 June 1933

1943-1956 Royal Academy of Art Saint-Nicolas
1950-1954 Royal Academy of Art Lokeren

1950 Gold medal Lokeren for fine arts
1956 Gold medal Saint-Nicolas for landscape painting

Group Exhibitions
1976/77/78/81/83 Salon d’Art Nieuwkerken Waas
1976 Arts Center Melsele
1977 Cultural Center Emiel Moyson Dendermonde
1979 Gallery De Eik Antwerp
1985/86 Cultural Center Stekene
1985/86/90 Gallery Artistiek Nieuwkerken Waas
1989 Cipierage Saint-Nicolas
1990 Slipway Gallery Blankenberge
1990 - 2000 Open arts and crafts weekend Waasland
1991 Wissekerke Castle Bazel
1991 Catholic Center Nieuwkerken Waas
1995 Gallery De Keerkring Ghent
1997/99/2000 Cultural Center Hamme
2003 Cortewalle Castle Beveren
2003 Moldovita - Romania
2005 Cortewalle Castle Beveren

Solo Exhibitions
1973 Guildhall Temse
1974 Museum for Contemporary art Saint-Nicolas
1974/76/78/81/83 Cultural Center Hamme
1975 Gallery Palet Dendermonde
1975 Guildhall Lier
1976 Cortewalle Castle Beveren
1977 Gallery Vansteenlandt Lokeren
1978 Cultural Center Emiel Moyson Dendermonde
1978/84 Cultural Center Ter Dilft Bornem
1979 Gallery De Eik Antwerp
1979/80 Gallery Scaldiran Temse
1980/1985 Gallery Annick Aartselaar
1982 Gallery KB Saint-Niklaas
1982/86/90 Gallery Artistiek Nieuwkerken Waas
1985 Jeugdhuis Quasi Saint-Nicolas
1992 Casteleyn Hingene
1993 Gallery De Keerkring Ghent
2004 Unizo Saint-Nicolas