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Sara Huxley - Edwards

My work is primarily concerned with texture and colour. I work predominantly in mixed media and enjoy experimenting with and building up layers, often with gold leaf or metallic textures breaking through. I often use words in creating my artwork and believe that words and art used together provoke a powerful response in the onlooker, stimulating an evocative train of thought.

My visual inspiration is drawn from such diverse sources as architecture in which I have an abiding interest, to aerial photography which I am drawn to because of its abstract qualities. The structure of buildings and the shapes and spaces inherent in their creation can provide strong abstract images and contrasts of tones and texture in contrast to the random, organic patterns found in nature.

My paintings are usually large scale and are semi-abstract images. Recent work has explored the theme of dining. I am interested in trying to create the excitement and feeling of the subject. I want to capture the ambience of a dinner party, after which all the guests are happy and relaxed. The different angles of the ellipses and overlapping shapes represent the movement of time throughout the evening after which you are left with empty vessels and satisfied friends.

My work has recently been published worldwide with The Art Group. Four images have been selected to be reproduced as posters for their 08 collection.