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Ofordi Nabokei

I painted my first piece in oil in 2000, working to represent portrait photos in the medium of oil on canvas.

Painting these pictures has allowed me to experiment with contrasts and intensity of colour. I've found a natural affinity with abstract images. For the last couple of years, this has been my main focus. Although I continue to paint figurative pieces as well.

Oil and canvas is the main medium I use but I do also work with Acrylic and pastels, fabric and metal. My work is mainly commission based and tailor made to suit the buyer. At present I have three to four outstanding commissions.

Commissioned art work has varied in size and style. One commission was to transpose the image from a photographic negative onto canvas using oil paint. Other commissions have included providing the art work for an entire flat, another to provide art for the for the entrance to a house and an offer to produce art work for a hotel.

I am part of a collective called 'Closed Harmony' in the Netherlands which is a themed project where we fuse our skills in painting, metalwork and ceramics to create musically inspired, integrated pieces of art.