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Anthony Johnson

My work tries to address the idea that our surrounding fabricated environment often seems incapable of sustaining the creatures that have built it all and now must exist within its framework. The notion that buildings and machinery invented by human beings are objects that project our wholesale greatness and superiority over the natural order seems to be annulled by the fact that these creations often work against us in minor and sometimes catastrophic ways. It is this idea of an industrialised environment's denial of human mortality that interests me.

The surface design and associated geometry of urban space is, I suppose, to hint at or even declare the future during one's own time, which can usually be interpreted as the desire for an eventual utopian, progressive, peaceful society, but I enjoy the pull of the opposite and all too common ends of human nature that don't seem to be embraced by these apparently immortal, unyielding edifices. Despite our best efforts, claustrophobia and paranoia seem to be the underlying current climates that most of us find ourselves negotiating on a daily basis, with vastly varying degrees of success. It is these emerging statements of 'humanity' that leech through the cracks and around the corners of our still relatively young industrialised environment that currently provide the driving forces for my work.