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Laurie Attwood

Artist name ‘ Reinime ‘


Born 1971 in Maine, USA.

Married and living in England since 2000.

Blessed with three children who were the catalyst for her phenomenal personal, spiritual and artistic growth.


Digital & Photographic Artist, t/a Photo-GraphicArt ™ since 2004.

Professional Photographer, t/a Strike-A-Pose ™ since 2001.

Graphic Designer, t/a Direct Success ™ 1994-1996.

Various competition wins in Art, Creative Writing and Poetry throughout her early years.


Licentiate in Fine Art Photography, British Professional Photographers Association (BPPA), 2002.

Licentiate in Portrait Photography, Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP), 2002.

Licentiate in General Photography, British Professional Photogeraphers Association (BPPA), 2001.

Private Tuition to attain credentials as a Professional Photograher, Winston Ingram Studios, 2001-2002.

CIS/MBA, B.S. in Computer Information Systems and Masters in Business Administration, Maine, USA, 1989 – 1993.


Born and raised in a rural town in Maine, USA Laurie began her life with an eclectic mix of soaring ambitions to become an astronaut, psychiatrist, artist, author, teacher and healer. Strongest among these childhood ambitions was her desire to explore the Universe, and upon winning a place at a top US Aeronautical University, she looked set to embark on this journey. However fate stepped in guised as a financial crisis, encouraging Laurie to accept the offer of a scholarship to study Computers and Business at a private college. Little did she know this was her ticket to the world.

Quickly becoming an accomplished IT professional after graduating Cum Laude from a B.S./MBA program, Laurie spent her early career as a highly paid IT contractor. This focus on the logical and analytical, however, masked a substantial talent and gift for the creative, particularly in the realms of art and writing, where it became obvious with the launch of her first business in the U.S., that Laurie was destined to work in the creative arts. Direct Success, a direct marketing company, drew on her creative strengths to provide custom logos and marketing materials for small to medium sized businesses.

Maintaining a full-time career in IT while overseeing her direct marketing business provided a challenging and diverse lifestyle on which Laurie thrived. Yet with a change in personal circumstance in 1996, she made the decision to sell her business and take the opportunity to travel the world with her IT career. For four years she again suppressed her artistic talents, which had first emerged in early childhood but had lacked nurturing within the educational system, and instead focused on making a name for herself in the world of IT, ranking among the top in her specialised field.

While at the peak of success in her IT career, Laurie was once again presented with a twist of fate, a chance meeting with her future husband, the person with whom she would fulfill her greatest ambition of all... to be a mother. Marrying in February of 2000, and by the end of the year giving birth to the first of three children, Laurie stepped away from her fast-paced lifestyle and put down roots in England with her husband and young family.

Once again presented with the opportunity to explore her creative urges, Laurie grasped the chance to train as a professional photographer, qualifying in 2001, and in keeping with her entrepreneurial spirit, soon after launched Strike-A-Pose (TM), a photography business offering top-quality Black & White portraiture in Medium Format. Committed to the quality of her work at a time when comparatively low cost, lower quality digital photography was emerging, yet well acquainted with the potential of the digital age, she invested further in her business to provide a niche service spanning High Quality Medium Format photography and Digital Imaging. Working on commissions in portraiture alongside a smattering of product shoots, her artistic talent was flowering, while her technical background would prove fundamental to her artstic success. It was while preparing negatives for digital proofing that she discovered a technique which would transform her photographs into digital paintings, leading her on a journey to developing a unique style of artistic expression that she calls Photo-GraphicArt (TM).

As Laurie continued on this creative odyssey, drawing on her strong technical and photographic background, she was being drawn towards the start of another journey with a much more spiritual nature. With a well established materialistic outlook on life, coupled with a distinctly agnostic view of all matters relating to God and religious belief, it took a fundamental piece of inspiration in the form of her son reciting a prayer returning from school one day to alter her perspective. This event caused such a reaction in Laurie that she was forced to re-examine her beliefs in order to help her son discover his own.

Laurie’s spiritual journey has been transformational, bringing her to a much deeper understanding of God and the Universe than she ever could have imagined and opening up a whole new world of exploration and discovery. This new, broadened path led her to become a therapist in a wide range of complimentary and holistic disciplines, including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Life Coaching, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Energy Psychology and Reiki. Most recently, she may also be found teaching Reiki, a practise she believes has been fundamental to her profound personal and spiritual development.

So this is Laurie, an extraordinary person who has compressed so much into her life to achieve (or match) many of her earliest ambitions. Her only yet unfulfilled ambition is to become a published author, though with such diverse and rich life experience to draw on, this must be only a matter of time before we see her name in print!

Personal Profile By Graham Winder.
Edited and Approved by Laurie Attwood.