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Lucas Witte-Vermeulen

About me:

Traditional art with a contemporary edge:

Many contemporary artistsí pursuit of originality and sensationalism at all costs, leads to the belief that traditional art forms are outmoded and lack a contemporary edge.

These conceptual artists isolate themselves from the rich artistic legacy of the past masters, whilst trying to establish themselves as art celebrities; they turn their backs on traditional art forms and create art devoid of technical skill or beauty. Art becomes an exercise in phoney intellectualism.

Conceptual art is boring, torturous, dull, inert and dead.

I think traditional art forms can be exciting, original and have a contemporary edge.

My works are painted in a tightly controlled realist style, this stems from my traditional background in anatomy drawing and still life painting. My technique in paint application is also very traditional and I often work the oil paint in a series of glazes, leaving hardly any trace of brush stroke. I focus on the subject or composition in a very objective manner. I simplify the composition as much as possible by removing unwanted clutter; this creates a degree of stylisation, giving my paintings a very contemporary feel. I paint a figurative painting in the same way I might approach a still life. Everything is carefully calculated and designed before painting starts. I sometimes use the latest software and imaging devices to compose the initial stages of the painting. I prefer to work from high resolution photographs, as working from life is restrictive when working on numerous detailed paintings simultaneously for long periods.

Essentially, my paintings spring from the traditional, embracing past and present, endeavouring to portray contemporary beauty.


1994 to 1996: UNC University of Northern Colorado, USA.
1996 to 1999: Rhodes University Grahamstown, South Africa.
1999: Final Year Exhibition Rhodes University Grahamstown.
2000: Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting, Art History & Psychology.
2000 to 2002: Research & Teaching Assistant for the Rhodes Fine Arts Department.
2008: Started painting full time.

Past Shows:

2008 September: Artists Network Bedfordshire Open Studios.
2008 October to January 2009: The House Gallery, Olney Buckinghamshire.
2008 October ongoing: Icetwice Art Gallery, Olney Buckinghamshire.

Press & Awards:

2008 November: Featured in Living Locally Magazine, Bedfordshire.
2008 November: Artfair365 Artwork of the Week for 3 weeks running.

Online Shows:


Current Shows:

2009 May 9th to 26th June: Cambridge Galleries Group Show, Cambridge.

Future Shows:

2009 July 3th to 5th July: Childwickbury Art Fair (by Christiane Kubrick), Hertfordshire.