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Morten Jørgensen

Most of Mortens photographs display figurative subjects that surround us on an everyday basis. Subjects like Landscapes, seascapes, architecture (buildings, bridges, structures etc), and people that in one way or another interacts with their surroundings. His passion for the colour blue is reflected in several of his artworks, and by utilizing different shades of light, he gives ordinary, and solid structural architecture a completely new appearance. Some of his photoes is digitalized, where several technics are used in order to find the expression he seeks.

Male. Born in Halden, Norway 1961.
The interest for figurative art came to me during my early life in Halden. Drawing and painting were highly esteemed, and were further developed after having moved to the small seaside resort “Son”. Son is, and have always been a resort for artists. A resting place for fatique souls, where God in his creation has been more than generous. Some of my photographs displays the beauty of this pearl situated by the Oslo fiord. I used to photograph motifs that inspired me, and after having processed the photos, I painted the motif in oil on canvas. However other interests followed, and even though I didn’t bury the oil colour brush completely, the interest for photography took over. The figurative art form still attracts me the most. However the search for a motif “out of his world” excites me, and I’m constantly looking out the window to se if there are some extraordinary weather conditions, or unusual nuances in the light. I’m intrigued by “new” colours, shapes and angles, wherever I go, I look upon everything as a motif for my camera. If I during the day, find a winning subject, its likely that I return later on with my Canon350D. Subjects include landscapes, seascapes (nature), architecture (buildings, bridges, structures etc), and people that in one way or another interacts with their surroundings. I’m also trying portraits, but I’m fairly new to this art form. Some of my photoes is digitalized. I use several technics in this work. Experimenting in order to find the expression i'm searching. The smile on a womans face, or the angel of her arms may result in a special digitalizing process. Perhaps she will be presented in black and white, perhaps her shapes only will be outlined. It all depends on the motif.
I’m self taught, and I find great joy and inspiration through photographing.

In 1996 i moved to Sortland, situated in Northern Norway where i live with my fiancee and my two kids.Sortland is for some known for its blue facade towards the sea. The local artist Bjørn Elvenes suggested some years ago to paint official buildings facing the Sortland strait in different colours within the "blue-purple-green" spectrum. The result is a colourfull and photogenic city. As Sortland is situated north of the polar circle, we can enjoy the midnight sun from mid june to late august, and the complete absence of the sun from early december to mid february. This fact gives an unic span in different shades of light and makes photographing even more exiting...... For photo-interested people, "The blue hour" should be a well known phenomenon, and up North the blue hour is more distinct than any other place on this planet. "The blue hour" occures around midday, depending on the sunlight, or the abscense of such. During this hour of blue my camera works on high gear.
Even though i prefere figurative art, i'm allso looking for winning abstract subjects. Something that tickeles the eye. Some times the beauty of abstract photoes doesn't appear until you've processed it.

Photography is for the moment limited to a passionate hobby, which i hope will develope to something more.

I hope you will enjoy my work.