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Natalia Rivero

Artist statement:

Natalia Rivero is a figurative artist who finds her source of inspiration on the immediate surroundings, whether are scenes she encounters in her travels or whether it comes from watching her daughter doing her homework in the intimacy of her room.

Motives that she chooses for her paintings come from situations she captures on camera, and also from drawings.

Her paintings have a poetical and melancholic quality, surreal at times but yet not stepping away from a realistic perception of the world.

A striking sense of colour and a combination of thick and diluted brush strokes are characteristic of her style.

Artist Biography and Education:

Natalia Rivero was born in Barcelona in 1975 and has a BA Honours degree in
Fine Art from Valencia University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Painting from
the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Honors & Awards:

Scholarship from Royal Academy of Arts(1998-2001) and from two exchange programs: Erasmus and Promoe, through the University of Valencia (1997-1998)

Diana King Award Scottish Gallery and Geoffrey Ball Memorial, Premiums exhibition (Royal Academy)