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David Day

David Day's approach to creating art, offers the viewer an oblique and thoughtful perspective on the traditional masterpiece. His pieces such as Mona Copy and Munch Copy, use the minimal of words to reflect their original source. David comments, "The inspiration for these pieces derive from the advice that 'you should read the book before watching the film' why not the same in art?"

David Day's landscape paintings are created within and by the landscape itself. Each canvas is taken to an environment, in this case David's home town in Cornwall, and left for up to 3 months, or until the desired effect is achieved. The Canvases exhibited on londonart were attached to shipwrecks and a harbour wall in Cornwall. David's landscape paintings are displayed in our online exhibition in situ, but are for sale, and are intended to be hung on a wall in a conventional manner.

David Day was born on the 26th November 1976 in Plymouth, England. After graduating from a Visual Communication Degree in London, he moved to Singapore, where he lived for three years before moving back to London. David Day has worked for many years within the design and advertising industry and has recently exhibited with NABS in an Art Exhibition held at the Truman Brewery.