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Irina Basalik el Houri

I was born in Kramatorsk, Ukraine on September 29, 1980. I began to paint when I was about 8 years old however only using crayon. No one ever taught me how to paint. One day, I took some of my drawings to school and my teacher was very impressed. She said I had a talent. She was so interested in my artwork and took it upon herself to assist me. She introduced me to an art teacher who remarked upon seeing my paintings “from where did you copy them?” I never copied anyone. Everything was from my imagination and dreams. But no one believed me and I was so sad that I stopped painting when I was 10 years old. Then in 2005 I met my husband Walid. When I told him the story about my painting he asked me to draw something. So I did and showed him. He was totally impressed and urged me to continue. He knew a lot about paintings because he has a large collection from artist around the world. So I sketched about ten drawings in pencil. He was amazed and asked me to try to use water colors. Again, I never used water colors or oil before. The first time was in October 2006. In the meantime I have created many paintings and intend to have some exhibitions soon. My philosophy:

Art is a reflection of the soul, an expression of dreams and the manifestation of desires.