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Anna Creighton

Anna Creighton is a wonderfully diverse cityscape artist, mastering the techniques of a wide range of media to bring out the individual characteristics of each city she paints.

Based in Manchester, Anna began painting after graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a BA (Hons) in Textiles (Embroidery). Inspired by the changing urban landscape of the city around her, Anna wanted to use her textile skills to create cityscape works. She then began experimenting with new media, such as charcoal, oil bars, gouache paint, and digital photography collages. With each new media the artist was able to bring out new features of her subject, and began to look at subjects a little further a field.

The artist created her sumptuous gouache pieces to perfectly capture the romance of Paris; her intricate textile embellished watercolours to encapsulate chocolate box country villages, whilst her raw sketch-like mixed media pieces represented Manchesterís industrial heritage. Working from her own photography, Anna has recently begun to work in oils on board for a London collection, and a collection of U.S. cities is currently in progress. The artist is also available for commission, and will happily work from provided photography.

More recently Anna has diversified to incorporate other subject matters into her work. Using the gouache medium, the artist has produced a nature-inspired collection, together with a still life collection depicting household objects, creating works of art from items usually considered mundane.

Throughout her career Anna has worked tirelessly to give back to the art world. A qualified teacher, Anna has spent much time teaching art and bringing textile workshops to young people and adults with learning disabilities. She has led a number of art workshops and has been commissioned by the Manchester Art Gallery several times to provide illustration works for their promotional literature. The artistís varied career has also seen her commissioned to design album covers, stage sets, and public hoardings.

Anna has exhibited extensively across the North-West, throughout the UK, and has had several solo exhibitions in Europe. Her work has been by collected by several high profile television personalities, and has been commissioned by a number of large property developers. The artist has received media coverage from the BBC and local television and radio, together with articles in the local press.

Please feel free to contact Anna through Londonart with any questions or commission requests. Where a piece of work has sold that you would have liked to have bought, please do contact the artist as a similar piece can be commissioned.