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Andy  Housham

Andy uses acrylic paints to create his pop art, sometimes combining this with the use of collage. The idea behind the collage is to produce a piece that has a scrap book/punk fanzine appearance about it. What at first glance seems to be a disorganised variety of torn up articles and pictures, is in fact a well thought out selection of articles and pictures related to the subject matter. The paintings are detailed and created completely by free hand.

Andy is inspired by the punk culture as well as iconic musicians of other eras. As in the paintings of Sid Vicious and Kurt Cobain, Andy uses his collage technique to portray the exploitation of the stars in the music industry, particularly how an individual can appear to become a product and buckle under the pressure of constant media scrutiny and adverse publicity.

His non collage pictures are a mixture of pop art and fine-art realism.

Current Exibition:

Trinity Arts Centre,

21st August 2007 - 28th September 2007