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Tamaz Gogoladze

Tamaz Gogoladze one of the brightest representatives of modern painters. For its works are characteristic on the one hand - the southern temperament integrally inherent in the Georgian school, with another - a cosmopolitan sight at the world. In cloths of the artist the Georgian orthodox temples adjoin to Catholic churches. "Desert" will suddenly be transformed in " road to the childhood ", the youth sated by impressions. The way of life of old Tbilisi as though is located in one "House", when reigned love, goodwill.Such there was a native city in memory of the artist. And " Morning in city, after a rain, " was created by the person enamoured in it. There has come a dawn. The sun has ascended also the boy dances under a umbrella.

Architectural formation in the certain degree affects creativity of the artist. At home - a favourite theme of the master. For it they especial, as though эфемерные, unreal. But each of them transfers an emotional condition of the creator. All feelings are expressed by means of color and is infinitely various." Red houses " - the most known works of the artist. After disorder of the USSR, in the beginning of 90-s' years in the art market of Russia there was " a Red house ". The picture has not left indifferent many. So safely to apply red color anybody did not try yet, perhaps. At once there were critics and admirers. The picture involved spectators under the ultramodern decision and on simplicity of a composition. It used especial popularity at foreigners. They were got by curators and corporate collectors. After " Red houses " in subjects of the artist there were red pots, fishes, steam locomotives. Red color became the original card of the artist. From the professional point of view, it, perhaps, the most complex color demanding a high internal pressure and aggravated intelligence. Red color does not forgive the slightest mistake. At a wrong combination to other colors the picture turns in basten.

After the lead exhibition in Moscow, in the art market of Russia there was a set of " red pictures " different artists. But Тамаз, with own vision of this color, it is assured, that "red" on the present plays, lives and to be shone only at it.

And, at last, there is a lawful question - why red? And why such polarity in creativity: on the one hand causing "red", with another - pensive "blue" on behalf of angels, clowns, women.Answers to all these questions nest in the character of the artist and in its sincere experiences.