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Alan Greenwell

ORB was designed to be suspended, but can also be stood on a table or floor. It can be suspended out-of-doors and will swing and twirl around in the wind. It is made from bright-edge (fluorescent) acrylic which gives beautiful effects especially in low light.

TRIO is in three parts, identical except in size. The relative standing positions can be arranged in all sorts of ways.

Personal Statement:-
I am fascinated by the idea of carving out space with light, so acrylic sheet proves an exciting medium. I started work on these abstract sculptures in 2000. The inspiration came from 3D geometry and from astronomy such as the wonderful Hubble images.

I created initial designs for these pieces using 3D software (Lightwave, Rhino) then moved to a series of experiments, cutting, polishing and bending acrylic in my workshop.

Whether suspended or standing, my sculptures imply more spaces than they occupy; they stimulate the imagination to fill the gaps. This is amplified by the environment seen through or reflected in the acrylic plates.

The shapes are rather austere in contrast to some of the loud colours. I love using bright-edge (fluorescent) acrylic which gives subtle effects in low light.

I work on the coast of north-west England and have exhibited my work in the region. Recently I have been working on large works for public spaces.