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Robert Eva


I am Robert Eva, a contemporary UK artist, working mainly in acrylic on canvas. I usually paint abstract or semi abstract paintings, luxuriating in the freedom to express my imagination outside of the confines of photo-realistic art.
I donít paint to a specific theme, I will create a series of paintings on one subject or theme, and then move on to something different as my inspiration takes me on my artistic journey.
Art for me is not about Ė
∑ which college or university an artist attended
∑ who taught them
∑ what exhibitions they have had
It is about what shouts out from the canvas. Or in this instance - what shouts out from the computer screen!
I paint pictures for myself - firstly and lastly - and if somebody else likes that painting enough to spend their hard earned cash on it, then I am terribly flattered and glad to pass it on and say thank you for the appreciation, and thank you eternally for spreading my work.
What finer complement can an artist have than for somebody to take their work home and place it on their wall where everybody who knows them can see it? The art a person displays says a little about the artist, and a lot about the buyer.
I hope you see something that you like, something that says a lot about you.
Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me.