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Nieves Macías

I was born in Seville, Spain, the same place where I actually live, work and expose. Always it is possible, I paint from nature, with all the inconvenients and of course all the pleasure it takes. I have painted in very different places, in a circus, in a railway station... and especially in the gardens of the Alcazar in Sevilla, where I come back every year. My inspiration: the light, the water, the landscape, the human figure...
In my case I think painting is feeling, communication, and probably a way of loving, estimating more what is around me.

Artestudio academy
School of fine Arts-Seville
Studio of Paco Broca (landscape)-Seville

Some group exhibitions( since 1996 to 2007):
Watercolour agrupation in Huelva, Jén, Málaga
French institute of culture
Haurie gallery (1996-97)
Antares club
Convento do Carmen, Padrón
Eurostars, A Coruña

Some individual exhibitions:
La Motilla Hotel (1995)
Sala Expojoven(1996)
Circus of the art (1998)
Abades 47( since 2000 until 2007))

Some awards:
Barrio Sta Cruz, Sevilla
Navy painting(Madrid 2002)
Doñana landscapes (Almonte 2001)

Participation in ilustration
The train in the spanish painting( Renfe 2007)
Gardens of Seville-M. Ferrán(1996)