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Keith Ashley Ward

Keith Ashley Ward
About the Artist:

‘Ashley Art’ paintings by Keith Ashley Ward who is a modern contemporary artist, painting original pieces, which have been described as ‘a little whacky’ or ‘off the wall’! He enjoys using colour, light and images with a sense of imagination and fun. His inspiration comes from a rich family life where he has spent many hours with his daughters in their wonderful make believe world and in the company of the children he teaches.

Keith studied art at Loughton College and now paints unique one off pictures using oil on canvas. Keith’s career path has taken him on a journey from the professional world of finance, through the leisure fitness industry, (managing, teaching and coaching swimming) to now, following his original dream, love and passion for art.

Keith’s work is an ongoing tribute to Great Aunt Grace, who spent a long and happy life embracing her love for art and poetry.

Events and Shows:

Queens Theatre, Hornchurch 13th April - 5th May 2008
Battersea Contemporary Art Fair 16th - 18th May 2008