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Michael  Hawkey

I am versatile contemporary artist working and experimenting with various mediums. His most widely used medium is acrylic and oils, however, digital & computer art is a close second. Pencil and watercolour will always appear in artillery. His painting covers many different art styles and subjects but portraits will always have a warm place in my heart.I strive to create realism in my art with use of colour . I follow no rules and experiment with every painting. This. I know that being self-taught gives me an advantage. I approach my work with the same process in every painting, experimenting and getting to know your medium is key. Even with commissions, I negotiate to maintain a certain

Art is everywhere I go. Its always with me each and everyday. It helps to define who I am as a person. Everywhere I go and everything I do always provides me the opportunity to find new subject matter, and inspiration for a new painting. Whether it be something as simple as the colors and textures I see, or the object itself. Any subject I look at in everyday life I will always see art and ask myself how I would create this with paint. I paint with very bright and bold colors that help to draw the viewer into an exciting and different world.