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Victor Agius

Victor Agius, b. 1982, had his first contact with art in his fatherís sculpture studio. He has studied under Harry Alden and got a degree in art from the University of Malta. He furthered his studies in Perugia, Italy and at Central St Martins College in London. Victor works in both painting,sculpture and installation. His personal exhibitions in Malta have recently been held at the Ministry for Gozo in Victoria and at the Auberge díItalie in Valletta. Amongst his international solo exhibitions, Agius exhibited his works in Florence and Lago Maggiore, Italy. His art forms part of private collections worldwide. His work is also found at the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo. Lately he participated in a number of international collective shows including one at ĎCentre Culturel Christiane Peugeout in Paris, ĎArt in Mindí show at the Bricklane Gallery in London, the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence and at the Long Room Gallery, New College, Oxford University in Britain.


ĎMy landscapes present a means of escapism from the designated place itself. Itís not a matter of painting the place as it is, but painting the feelings borne within that conceive the surrounding ambience. The play of colours, the bold gestural strokes and the use of mixed media create a voyage into the unknown. These works speak of tangible sites in a totally abstract language. On the otherhand my sculptures can be defined as a palpable form of abstraction. Sculptures are the result of a mind game with flowing shapes that turn into intertwined figures embodying relationships of the unknown forms.

In my abstract paintings it is nature itself that shows its ways and being through relationships of colour, earth, rocks and pieces of straw: tales of an earth and life where different tints of combined elements give a sense of poetry. The mass of form, ancestral memories and unmistakable links between man and nature isnít necessary for our recognition and understanding of the essence of the tale. The darkness of the shadows gives the sensation that in aspects of the colour it finds itself once more in a victorious flight, a genesis, they are born again from the marble dust and earth. The study of matter, colour and the combinations of shadows, become the starting point in my works. Musical hints from drips, stains, from dark and from light; an atmosphere that opens my pathway of thought'