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Dalia Cistovaite

I'm Dalia Cistovaite.
I was born 21-01-1970 in Lithuania, Kaunas.
I studied painting in Vilnius Art Academy 1989 - 1996 and gratuated it at 1996.
From 1996 I have been living and creating in Kaunas city. Currently living in Klaipeda city.
Mainly I use oil on canvas and only during the few last years I worked with acrylic on canvas.
During these years ( 1989 - 2012 ) I have had a number of personal exhibitions and have participated in mixed ones with other artists. Some of my paintings are in the private collections in Japan, US, Italy, Sweden and , of course, widely spread in Lithuania.
On 2009 I became a member of Lithuanian Artists' Association.

From the very beginning of my painting the main idea I try to express and conwey to the world is LIGHT - both outer and inner. The styles and forms of expressing this idea were changing during 20 years of my creative way. But the main idea always remains the same - LIGHT, JOY, BLISS, HOLINESS, never ending human longing for harmony, happiness, eternity, inner secrets of soul and spirit, seeking to feel the unity of soul and body, spirit and matter.